Google wave – first immpression

First of all – developers in google are probably always in good mood:

Nic dziwnego, że do tej aplikacji jest na razie ograniczony dostęp

Nic dziwnego, że do tej aplikacji jest na razie ograniczony dostęp

Secondly – it’s great to have the ability to answer a particular question sent to You. Those messages looks like posts on bulletin board. But the difference is that they are forming a tree. And You can answer in any place. So in one Wave one can have multiple and parallel conversations.
As an addition – some of branches can be a discussion that is not visible to other whole-discussion-participants

wave example

wave example

Of course – it’s nothing new if You have seen this famous google video about wave.

But what wasn’t at the film?

The most awkward thing is that after a few minutes of live discussion (with someone who’s online) – You are starting to have that feeling, when You write an ordinary e-mail that recipients can actually see what You are writing. It’s incredible. This is how wave work – when You edit a post – everyone can see while You write this.
Just few minutes of that kind of conversation. You say bye to Your wave buddies. Starts to write an old fashion e-mail, typing, typing. Then You want to delete one sentence that should be different and… wait a sec! Did anybody could see that? And after a few seconds You think “No, wait!” it’s just an e-mail. phew! ;)

I didn’t find the way to disable that. There’s “draft” check-box, but it’s disabled for now. I think it would be nice if I could use check that out permanently.

Anyway – it IS a new way to communicate, which can make the way’s we talk to each other on the Internet significant different.

– from the traditional e-mail we have that different servers can communicate. Not like in IM – when someone’s in other network – can’t talk to him.
– from boards (or Gmail) there’s threads in conversation
– from IM it’s online talk, but on steroids: Your buddies see what You type BEFORE You hit “send”. So everybody is watching Your typo’s instantly… ok, maybe if they’re on the other side of the planet it’s not that “instant”* :D

* greets for Azmath from India

Ok, that’s it.
Now I have suprise. I have two invitation’s to wave left. If You can’t wait for public – You can participate in my contest:
If You are interested in this new toy from uncle Google – write about it on Your blog and send trackback (pingback, whatever) to me. From every trakcbacks I’ll pick up two lucky bloggers randomly, and send them some invitations.

The contest is till 31.10.2009 till midnight! After that I’ll try to contact with winners.

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