Enhanced Year View widget for Google Calendar

I’ve got this idea for a while now. To get Year View widget from google:

Standard Year View

Standard Year View

which only shows a year view, and allows us to get to specific date by clicking it – It wasn’t enough for me.

I thought it would be great if I could see which of my days have any events in that view. If there were a way to show titles of that events – that would be great too :) So I took original Year View and after couple of hours I made this:

Slightly better Year View

Slightly better Year View

If you want to have it in your calendar, go to that web address:

Important note: busy days are taken from calendars that are selected while going into Year View. If You have many of them selected – it could possibly crash. Please feel free to post that issues here. Unfortunately I don’t have time to support those who can’t make it work on their calendars (see comments), but there’s another solution similar and maybe it will work for you: http://syngron.blogspot.de/2013/01/new-google-calendar-wall-like-column.html and hopefully bugs are being fixed etc.

Good luck!

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30 thoughts on “Enhanced Year View widget for Google Calendar

  1. Hi, i really like the idea… but looks it doesnt work!

    It opens and looks like the standart year view.
    No Events are marked.

    Does Events have to special… or how to see them?

    great start


  2. Hi Chris!
    Sorry for long time without reply, but I’ve been far away. Let me check that issue, maybe something has changed in calendar?

  3. Looks good for me (Fx 3.6.8) can You try it on another browser?

  4. Exactly what I was searching for, but doesn’t work :( (Win XP, FF 3.6.8)

  5. What exactly do you mean by “doesn’t work”? Does year view shows up, but with no busy days marked out, or it doesn’t shows up at all?

    In first case – make sure You have at least one calendar checked (with at least one event in it) before going into year view.

    In second – maybe You have too many calendars with massive amount of events checked while entering year view?

    Please check that out, and let me know :)

  6. “Important note: busy days are taken from calendars that are selected while going into Year View. If You have many of them selected – it could possibly crash. Please feel free to post that issues here.

    Good luck!”

    Ok, next time I will read the notice before trying anything :)

    It would be very great to show events from different calendars, with their own colour (I mean, not only red)

    Great gadget :)

  7. Good idea! Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Tried in FF 3 and Chrome 7. Events marked as “busy” but “Busy Year View” looks exactly as “Year View” there are no events marked.

  8. how many visible calendars do you have before entering the view?

  9. Maik – I tried this on my Fx3 and Cromium (6) – looks ok. Also tried all combinations of available/busy and public/private.
    Are You getting any JS errors?

  10. Great little widget!
    Works fine for me – FF 3.6; IE 8.0 and Opera 11
    Been looking for something like this for ages.
    Thanks Greg

  11. Hi, very good tool, thanks for this !
    1 Comment: It seems that for some reason the events that occur on the last day of a month do not show up in the year view.
    Whether it is a one day event (the very last day of the month) or a multi-days event (one of the days being the last day of a month), same thing happens, no highlight for this event – Any idea ?
    Works fine with any other event though !

  12. I’m glad that you like it. No idea about last-day-of-month issue, but i wrote it quite long ago… need to check it deeper (soon I hope). It’s on my todo list :)

  13. Hi again,
    Just looked briefly into your xml file.
    I would guess the following line:
    endDate = {year: nxtYear, month: nxtYear, date: 1, hour: 0, minute: 0, second: 0};
    Should be replaced by:
    endDate = {year: nxtYear, month: nxtMonth, date: 1, hour: 0, minute: 0, second: 0};
    Not sure it would solve the little problem I pointed out before though. Just thought I would let you know, in case it kicks out something from your ToDo list :-)
    Cheers !

  14. Yes! I’m trying to plan a holiday months in advance, and I need to know which days aren’t blocked out. Month view is actually pretty difficult like this, especially on an electronic calendar.

    What a pity Google is ignoring this simple usability fix.

  15. Hey Greg,

    Genius, this is exactly what I was looking for, and hadn’t had any luck until I got my google search just right and came across your page.

    I run a rental business and this is perfect for giving my property owners a full year view of the bookings, they don’t need the detail just to know if it is free or not.

    My wishes from either you or Google if they get off their backsides, is an easy print button for the page, and also to make the red (busy) days easy to see. I believe if you changed the background colour of the boxes and the text white for example, this would work very well. The colours work fine for now on the screen but not so great when printed.



  16. Sure, I can do that, but I need something in exchange: send me a feedback if that kind of styling works. My doubt is: when its white number on red field – it is quite aggressive. What if there’s a lot of busy days, and just few free – wouldn’t you go blind of the “redness” and miss it? (I’ll let you know when new version is ready)

  17. Hi Greg,

    Thank you sooo much for writing this! Exactly what I needed!

    There seems to be a bug for multiple day events that are in two months. For example, if I’m marking a conference that goes from July 30th to Aug 3rd, those don’t show up as busy. However, if I break them down into two events, Jul 30-31 and Aug 1-3, they do show up as busy. I am on a Mac, OS 10.6.8 using Firefox 9.0.1 – and I can check other browsers on the Mac, if you like!

    Anyway, thank you again, it’s a *great* help to me!

  18. I appreciate this. I think I’ll soon have some time to reactivate this little project. Probably will move it to more public and some open source space. I’ll touch base with you if I need more info or when I’m done. Whatever comes first ;)

  19. Good idea! But doesn’t work at all :) What’s the status of this project? Would love to use it?


  20. a fantastic idea!
    Can’t believe this is not mainstream google calendar functionality

  21. Thanks for nice words. Actually it was some Calendar Lab idea I’ve extended (can’t remember which exactly) – didn’t write it from scratch :).
    Honestly I don’t have time for this so anyone who has some javascript + css skill could take over :)

  22. Excellent. I’ve updated original post so it’s easier to find than in comment. Thanks.

  23. hi! first of all thanks a lot for wok it, but now it’s not working. Year view appears, but colors – not. Can you fix it?
    Thanks a lot

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