Great book about software development (and SCRUM)

If you have, in any way, to deal with software development – I have some nice book to propose

Agile Project Management with Scrum (Microsoft Professional)

Agile Project Management with Scrum (Microsoft Professional)

If the methodology used in Your company seems to be hard. When it’s typical waterfall and You feel that it not quite fits, You may be interested in cases describing similar problems.

If You are manager, or company owner and You think there is nothing better than waterfall model – this book will interest You. Maybe after reading it – You’ll see Your company from different angle.

Even if You are graphic designer who’s outsourcing tech stuff – this book will help You in seeing this cooperation different. It is also possible, that some problems will become visible to you, problem you were not aware of. And that’s first step to deal witch them.

I’ve read it myself, and can say – it is not only for tech people or programmers:
(quotes are translated from polish version of this book, which I own. So they’re exactly the same as in this book)

At the time, when applications started to be more complex, and amount of stakeholders raised up, to coordinate the communication between growing number of project participants – some rules started to be used. In example, because of big number of stakeholders we started to collect requirements before whe started to develop software

This is a first step into waterfall model. Spice it up with some contract problems, which may look like this:

If you agree that what I’m showing is complete description of your requirements, we will continue. If you don’t agree, we’ll keep on with requirements improving, till you give up.

… and, as the result, Ken Schwaber hits the bullseye:

Every next step created bigger, and bigger gap between stakeholders and developers. We moved from face-to-face communication to creating a documentation. (…) With hindsight, the more we have improved the practice of software engineering, the more we have extending this gap between shareholders and developers. The last stage of the separation was to introduce the waterfall methodology, which embodies all the faults in the implementation of sequential programming.

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