Unfinished projects

I was moved by Seth Godin’s note.
Not more than a year ago I was having at least one private project in progress. Most of them finished after first enthusiasm about creating new things. But for the first couple of weeks it was something that released some extra energy, and there was always something new to learn.

So, I was closing master degree and decided not to distract myself. And now, about three months after defence of my diploma I still have no extra project running because I was so good at “not to distract myself”. I should change it though.

It is possible those “quick not ever finished” projects are the same for programmer, what sketches are for a painter, and essays for writer – sharpening the saw.

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2 thoughts on “Unfinished projects

  1. I’ve been doing the same thing………. For like, 2 years… It’s really bad now and I need a job.

    But yes; it was sharpening the skills (saw?) –> Definitely. I just need to become around people again to fix my situation. At that point, I have definitely learned and refined my entire world view of the last 10+ years in programming and everything else.

    I also have to remember everything else. :). But overall, everything is extremely more known and refined since focusing on simply learning and new excitements every day for the past 2 years. I have done a lot. … Congrats… ;-D

  2. Good to hear that. What I meant was that one shouldn’t feel bad about unfinished private projects. It’s better for mental hygiene – just find something new You WANT to do. We have probably enough must-do thing in ours jobs.
    I hope you are around people again Matt. Cheers!

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