Shipment – how others do It?

If I took Seth’s Godin blog and made a tag cloud of it probably one of the biggest word would be “ship”. Seth is not a naval enthusiast, “ship” as a verb. To ship.

Would you agree that to ship is quite an important thing? Without it whole job doesn’t mean a thing. Nobody sees any effect besides me, right?

To ship is hard. Damn hard. Is it for you also? I remember one of my projects that I needed to force myself to publish – my first tutorial. There was still something to fix and improve. It wasn’t perfect.


Seth says that there’s a fear lying at the source of that state. Fear of failing. It is sits so deep that we don’t even realize that it is there. Besides there are our habits – it’s comfy it out actual state and any changes means a jolt and CHANGES.

I think somewhere at this point sits a difference between those who are successful and all others. Successful ones doesn’t have this fear, or beat it… or ignoring it.

I am very curious how you are dealing with shipment problem. I can’t wait for Your comments.

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