If you were professional wall painter, and got the job to paint a wall, of size 2x2m, what would you do?

You would take a pant, and a brush (or a roll) and stated to paint.

But if the wall was 5 meters high?

You would need a ladder.

What if it was 15 meters?

A scaffold?

Do you think, your client, would mind the extra costs? He would suggest you not to waste time to assemble the scaffold, because he need this wall painted now. Would you agree?

I hope not… but you are not a paiter, you are a programmer (and designer*). Be honest, do you sometimes agree to be framed and find yourself – with a brush in one hand and a can of paint in the other – standing on the 10 meters high heap of crates, garbage bins and other junk you found around?

You are the professional – you know what you need to make your job done, not your client.

(*)in my opinion every programmer is a designer – he designs his part of code at least.

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