Tech Open Air Berlin

Guess what! I found myself in Berlin recently. It’s a amazing city, that’s for sure. But not only city is like that. I met those individuals also:

TOA Berlin Team (foto: me, with Marie's camera)

They do a lots of different and interesting things, but really inspiring is what they do together. And what they do is taking such boring and non-sexy conference, where you have audience and speakers and stuff and put it all the other way around.

They put it in 21st century, distributed and fuzzy world where hierarchical structures are obsolete and irrelevant. Its the live relationship that matters now. Big conferences with big sponsors, all about them, seems not to be so interesting anymore. And TOA Berlin want to facilitate meeting interesting people and projects and making valuable connections.

Maybe. Just maybe all those sentences are too big and bold. And maybe it’s because I’m on my second beer or maybe this meeting and the energy was so inspiring.

Anyway, if you want to visit Berlin on September you should consider TOA Berlin (the actual date is not set yet, stay tuned with their twitter/facebook/whatever).

And the carpooling price from Poland is about 20-30EUR.

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