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When you claim to be professional head hunter from, or hired by, big-ass-fast-developing™ company and at the same time you’ve send your message attached to invitation to add yourself as a contact because you don’t want to spend money on inMail (response guaranteed™)… what should I be thinking?

So you’re polluting my invitation inbox and I have no choice but to ignore your invitation. Which is shame, because I would like to get invitation from you in case we’ll get to know each other. I don’t know if you could send me one more since I ignored you once… Don’t make me bump you out, send me inMail or contact me by my blog…


Which brings me to another point – have you read it? There are so many ways to contact people if they have public profiles. I consider piggy backing messages on invitations quite unprofessional.

Bonus: If I know you in real I would love to add you to my contacts unless you don’t have photo or anything else I could use to be sure that you are really you (on the Internet).

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