How Georgia took a picture of Russian hacker infecting Georgian GOV and NGO sites

This is a cool document issued by Georgia’s government. If you like, you may read it all, here:

But there’s a funny way their made a counter attack (p22). Georgian team used Russian hacker malware, packed it and named “Georgian-Nato Agreement”. Which the spy-hacker downloaded and executed. After that he was infected by his own malware and have been photographed by his own webcam.

Good they didn’t name the file “Georgian-Nato super secred agreement. Top secret. Do not” ;) He could start to suspect something ;)

One thought: Are hackers defenseless from malware? They probably work on Windows system, since they write viruses on that OS. They probably don’t use anti virus software since it has implemented heuristic mechanisms and could detect malware they currently work on (I don’t know too much about this but I imagine this would be shitty virus if immediately detected by anti-vir software).

Maybe Russia is in need of next-gen hackers which covers their webcams with tape and use virtual machines for malware production on safer OSes?

source: Ars Technica

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