WordPress update – works like a charm

I didn’t want to do it, waiting for so long, because It crashed my site before.

But now it seems to be stable feature as well. This is what I need to do, to make it safely:

  1. login in via ssh to my ssh ready hosting
  2. cp -vR blog/ blog.bak/
  3. checkout wp-config since I don’t remember DB password
  4. download DB dumb file
  5. hit update in wordpress, and when everything is ok delete all the backups

It is nice, that WP tells me about new features like Twitter embeddings:

It also shows discussion if there is any…

I just have one question: Warum ist das in Deutsch?

And the other minor drawback is, that WP, after updating theme, does not remember that I don’t want a cover picture. I need to remove it every time I update it ;)

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