2012 summary

There is so many stuff in the world. I want to share what I think is the most valuable:


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  1. Seth’s Godin Blog – this one is about making business, being remarkable. This guy you may learn from.
  2. Signals vs. Noise Blog – from the makers of Rails Framework. Not only for developers but for everybody who’s “doing the Internet”
  3. Giant robots smashing into other giant robots – little bit like the above but more for programmers
  4. Brain Pickings – just generally cool. Almost about everything (creativity, science, science of creativity, writing… just start reading already)

If I could take 4 blogs on a desert island I would probably take 4 others about survival techniques ;) But these are ones that I keep reading for a long time with a genuine pleasure. Also it appears I’ve read a decent amount of articles since I started using google’s reader:


I didn’t read a lot of books this year. But I discovered audiobooks. These are just awesome – I may listen to a book while getting some fresh air during a walk. Your eyes are resting from computer screen and it’s faster too.

Only condition – do only automatic things you have mastered while listening to an audiobook (for me it’s walking, driving, chopping wood etc.). Don’t check your e-mails or do anything that requires you to think. In best case you will not truly listen to it. In worst you’ll get hurt.

  1. Rich dad, poor dad series by Robert KIosaki – if you want to be financially literate this is a must read (in my case – must listen… but I’ll get a copy of paperback as well soon)
  2. Game of Thrones – just for fun, if you like intrigues and fantasy. It’s almost as good as Mario Puzo’s The Godfatcher or The Family (yeah, it’s that good!)


  • Lutz – just one in that category. If you’re a little bit an introvert observe this guy. If you’re not trying something new because you don’t want to fail – observe this guy. If you wander how to get help with your startup – watch this guy. There are many inspiring people I met, but this one influenced me the most regarding my career


  1. Lunux – thanks Linus!
  2. Git – thanks again Linus!
  3. Ruby – thnaks Yakihiro
  4. Ruby on Rails – thanks 37signals
  5. Rubymine i PhpStorm – thanks Jetbrains
  6. Any opensource there is – thanks community, you’re amazing
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