Chrome extension I will be more than happy to pay for/support

Simple idea – when I start to write something in input or textarea, after few words it can determine which language I’m using, and switches it for me.

Now I need to right click -> Spell checker options > language I’m using.

It’s ok when it supports two or three languages at once. It’s ok if it’s not right 100% of the times. It could pick language based on simple factor: using which dict I get least errors? As soon as it chooses language it can stop guessing.

If you’ve ever wrote any chrome ext, and wish to do it – please contact me.

Sooner or later I will be desperate enough to do it myself. But since it’s a great idea (isn’t it?) it has more value for be do be shipped than to be shipped by myself.

Edit (Feb 15): I did some research – there seems to be no API that allows us to do anything about it ( Please correct me if I’m wrong…

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