Scrum board – online or analog?

TL;DR; Not a study or anything, just brief recent reflection about Jira.

We’ve recently moved to use Jira. It’s advised by SCRUM gurus to use low-tech tools. Here are my thoughts.

I really enjoy just whiteboard with stickies on it, but since our PO is 2k km away – there was always a need to provide some visibility to him. HD camera was not enough. Constant streaming & picture every now and then didn’t work out since the quality was not good enough. Cards are handwritten etc.

So we’ve tried whiteboard + something called icescrum – this was hell. It was exact opposite of whiteboard – no flexibility. Unclear restrictions, funny behaviors.

Then whiteboard + trello. This everyone enjoyed, and could do as far as it was supposed to be read-only tool for PO. But “the more you have, the more you want”… trello was not good enough for stackholders to manage their requirements.

So we had whiteboard + jira. And since we’re getting more used to it – syncronising whiteboards became boring so we’ve dropped it. And after few sprint I realized I have little bit more time now. No need to arrange cards etc. This was maybe not very absorbing, but I constantly was finding myself doing this on Friday at 6pm in empty office.

The change is that we’re having daily by the big (could be bigger) TV instead of board.

Jira has still some weak points:

  • I would love to have a way to manage feature branches. Didn’t find any yet
  • It should be faster, really. Quite annoying sometimes
  • It should be able to track github forks, but this one I need to check – maybe possible. The best would be if it tracked any fork from the main repo

Anyway – this is not like a study should one use Jira – just some of my thoughts.

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