Best book about programming and design…

… is not a book at all.

Recently, when visiting some other end of the world, with limited access to the web – I ended up reading whatever I had stored on my pocket app. Luckily I’ve got there one article from

I enjoyed it and can recommend to all of you (beginners could have little bit hard time, but give it a try nevertheless). This is a living book – with concepts and critique of those concepts (even OOP is contested ).

The site itself is super ugly and abundance of links could make it difficult to focus – that’s why I would recommend pocket app for reading (just save intriguing link for later).

Some of the most interesting topics:

ArrowAntiPattern – the anti-pattern is as boring as it can be, but the discussion is very interesting with lots of links to continue.
AvoidExceptionsWheneverPossible – I was surprised that someone argues that exceptions are a bad idea. (Btw: golang doesn’t have exceptions.)
ShieldPattern – again great discussion
Mentioned before: ArgumentsAgainstOop.

And more. Fell free to link in comments to articles you find most interesting. This wiki is huge and I’d appreciate if you share your path.

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